The scariest dates you can ever get from free hookup sites

I wish I could tell you that you are only going to have great times at free hookup sites. I wish I could tell you that you will be banging only hot blonde green-eyed college girls at these types of websites. Of course, if I tell you those things I’d be completely lying. The truth is that there’s a lot of bullshit at those types of websites. There’s a reason why a lot of guys simply give up on them. It’s not like they can’t get pussy. It’s not like they don’t have a good time.

The problem is if you keep running into the same type of problem over and over again, you too might be tempted to throw in the towel and call it a day. There are simply some really scary dates that you need to avoid. Here are just three from personal experience.

The undercover evangelist

When you’re trying to hook up online, the last thing you want to hear is that you’re on your way to hell. Seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of women and even guys take it upon themselves to evangelize on free hookup sites. Talk about picking the wrong venue. Talk about selling the wrong merchandise at the worst possible market.

People go to these types of websites because they want to hook up. They don’t want a sermon, they don’t want to be judged, they don’t want to be told that they are fucked up. Unfortunately, if you’ve spent a lot of time with a seemingly hot woman and things seem to be going well and by the time you’ve exchanged your 50th email with her and she starts telling you that you’re a sinner, then you’d realize that you just wasted your time

I have no problems with evangelists, but I just wish they’d drop the undercover act and just be transparent. Nothing wrong with spreading the Gospel, nothing wrong with spreading the Word.  But please be transparent so that you can increase your likelihood of actually targeting and engaging with people who’d want to hear your message.

The MLM agent

There’s a lot of multilevel marketing bullshit on a good hookup site. I don’t mean to sound angry, but you know this is bullshit. The only way you can make money with MLM is if you get in early and the only real product is the registration fee. That’s the bottom line. You basically get the right “to sell bullshit.” Talk about a waste of time.

Unfortunately, a lot of jackasses who peddle this bullshit have figured out that if you are looking for a very attentive audience, you need to go to free hookup sites because all these horny guys are hanging on to your every word. So there are a lot of good-looking women, or at least their profiles look good, who bait these guys to talk with them for a very long time and then all of a sudden — bam! — they drop this MLM sales spiel on them. Talk about a waste of time.

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People trying to find local sex online can be easy victims

People looking for local sex online are of course very motivated. If you’re looking to get laid, it’s very easy to get your attention especially if you’re on the right website. You’re of course looking for one thing and one thing alone, and it’s very easy to predict where your conversations will end. It’s also very easy to predict what your range of interests are, at least regarding this particular situation.

Unfortunately, since you are very easy to spot from a mile away this can make you a very easy victim or mark. You have to understand that finding sex online is not a slamdunk. While there is a huge demand for this style of service and there is a huge number of websites looking to fill this demand, for the most part those websites are a waste of time. They are a waste of time because they attract scammers and spammers, or they are completely fraudulent websites.

I don’t mean to depress you, I don’t mean to discourage you, but this is the truth. Unless you are going to play the game with a realistic set of expectations, it’s very easy for you to get taken. It’s very easy for you to play the game in such a way that you end up losing. By being aware of the dangers you face, you increase the likelihood of you actually being successful. Pay attention to the following.

Fraud sites

There are many fraudulent sites out there that are looking to victimize people looking for sex online. These fraudulent sites might actually look like real sites. When you look at their database, it seems that they have a lot of women. In fact, a lot of these women a very attractive.

However, the fraudulent sites are very different from real sites because they never get you laid. Why? All the people there are fake. Except for the guys looking to get laid, everybody else is fake.

So make sure that you look for porn star profiles or profiles that look like they’re written by software. These two red flags alone should convince you to ditch that site and to keep looking elsewhere.


Even if you join a real that dating site, the dating site can still be a waste of time. Why? If it’s populated with scammers, there’s really no chance that you will get laid. Sure, there might be a one percent chance, but this is not enough as far as return on effort is concerned. If people are always looking to gain your confidence so they can request money from you, run very far away from them.


Spammers are actually the least of your worries. In fact, they reveal themselves very quickly. Unlike scammers which can often take days if not weeks or months to truly reveal their intentions, spammers are quite transparent. Spammers would send you email and then you would respond and then all of a sudden they would drop a link in one of those emails. Once they drop that link and the link goes outside of the free dating site that you’ve joined, you need to report them. You owe it to yourself to report spammers because the more spammers you report, the cleaner the dating site you’ve joined becomes.


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